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Luxury, Sustainable Fashion. Designed in Ireland.

Doing things differently

We are a bit different to your average eCommerce retailer. Whilst we are in business and we need to make a profit to succeed, we don’t believe in manufacturing thousands of product lines or setting up unsustainable practices that will negatively impact our environment.

Our business model is simple. We create small, capsule collections of clothes that are designed with longevity in mind. We are as much into fashion and style as many of you are and we don’t believe being sustainable should mean boring clothes.

We cover all your essentials – think perfect T-Shirts, the ‘borrowed from the boys’ shirt and more. We design with your existing wardrobe in mind so you can easily add an item or two to your existing range of clothes and make it all work together.

Since we don’t manufacture in large volumes, we have less wastage. Plus, since we focus on an edited collection of closet essentials, it forces us to be conscious when creating our product lines and avoid over production.

The most sustainable thing you can choose is something that’s already in your wardrobe. But if you do decide to make a purchase, choose quality over quantity.

All of our products are designed to last, made from ethically sourced materials, and produced in Portugal, in a factory with fair standards and working conditions. We love that we’re supporting another small business and supporting ethical and sustainable production values. Whilst we are small, we are very proud to be a small change in a big cog that is the fashion industry.